Nomad Carlos


Nomad Carlos is one of the only and one of the most accomplished Hip Hop artists from Jamaica’s music scene. Now based in Long Island, New York, with a catalog already spanning a decade, Nomad Carlos is steadily making his name in underground circles worldwide. 

A vision from high school was turned into a reality, allowing Nomad Carlos to be seen as an innovator. Starting with Fuel to the Fire (2008), the young MC went on to releasing Live From Yard (2012), Me Against the Grain (2012) and You’re Most Welcome (2013), all while spearheading Kingston’s premier Hip Hop event, Pay Attention (2012 – 2015), with his crew The Council of The Gods.

“When I was coming up, nothing like that existed,” says Carlos, who would headline the show around the time of his releases. “It sounded impossible at the time, but we just made it work.”

In 2013, Nomad Carlos left Kingston for New York. The United States, however, was no new territory as, although he was raised in Jamaica, he was actually born in Miami, Florida, where he had lived at different points in life.

After settling in New York, Nomad Carlos began dropping new music produced by Sosa, with 2015’s Distants being first. He would later appear on The Council’s 2017 debut album Nothing Else Matters and then release The Nomad Carlos Project, also produced by Sosa, in 2018.

For 2019, Nomad Carlos has returned with a new connection across the waters in the form of Farma Beats, who produced his latest EP Cipher. The project features Farma Beats’ signature gritty sound laden with rich organs complemented by Nomad Carlos’ nonchalant confidence and relaxed flow. Carlos tackles everything from his own story to the powers that be, all while dropping gems and sharing his feelings on music and the industry.        


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